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2018-Aug-28 06:47:56
Janet Albrechtson got stuck into Turnbull in Sat's 'Australian'...but not a word about Tony Abbott..but she is a IPA director..the whole thing seems very sad..and Turnbull could be said to be the only pollie/Pm to have really won an election..by one seat in 2016..he pulled them up from....45%..most past elections are 'lost'.goes the thinking..then he gets the sack
2018-Aug-13 11:35:18
no .... please don't
2018-Aug-12 01:31:41
2018-Jun-18 20:56:21
Its great to see Clive back in politics to Make Australia Great again..... with Pauline having a few problems with One (?) Nation , we need the entertainment...

The Cynic
2018-Jun-08 09:36:54
exactly bolshie...
2018-Jun-06 05:34:05
overthrow in Chile..wot else
2018-Jun-06 05:33:31
does the USA also get a little..or a lot involved in other countries politics..like via outright invasions VietNam..Iraq Korea Afghanistan, meddling and agitating in Saudi Arabia, 1972..in Iran 1953, Syria..currently..via CIA etc..in Russia..funding protests groups..liek..the USA is interfering and agitating..causing instability..everywhere.
2018-May-31 22:07:22
its amazing how we all scream about russians and chinese meddling in and spying on other countries' internal affairs / politics - but we never read about the yanks or ourselves doing the same - and we do .............
2018-May-30 05:27:47
people and nations just need to get along
2018-May-30 05:27:10
Putin almost got a ceasefire in Syria..he did i think for a short time
2018-May-30 05:26:27
..they use proxies a lot...
2018-May-30 05:26:14
USA 'renders' suspects to Egypt for 'questioning'..ie torture.
2018-May-30 05:25:48
maybe he did...they proxies a lot.
2018-May-23 05:47:54
Russian opposition leader isnt dead yet..:)....but seems a bit fascist in Rus....but Putin is apparently popular with his people its claimed
2018-May-22 20:31:31
yes - the rise of the populist leader - mussolini - hitler
2018-May-17 05:48:09
murderer.?..examples are////i dont know of many..if any..that spy in London..maybe it was him...the US killed Gaddiffi..Osama Bin Laden..maybe others..naive to think the US is thee "good guy"..cos its not..US State Dept looks after US interests..inc big business..tells US President what to do........and Putin is very popular with the Russian populace..why is that
2018-May-17 05:45:05
well, Bush wasnt?..made a mess of Libya..look at it..and John Bolton says "this is the model for North Korea?...look out for your shares and the crash....and anyway..murderer??..like what..?
2018-May-16 05:42:50
Abbott was going to shirt front Putin..but Putin stole Abbott's roller skates..how cruel
2018-Apr-11 12:27:13
Barnby Finished. a slow death.
2018-Apr-10 23:29:15
lol - yep - tony is copying donald -
repeat the same statement multiple times..... targetting his audience oerfectly...

2018-Apr-09 11:21:41
eeerr is every third word with each phrase repeated numerous times. Just pisssooff Abbott.
2018-Apr-09 11:20:48
Can’t put ten words together in a speech without reading what some one has written for him and them
2018-Apr-02 20:32:32
fascinating discussion....can't spell
2018-Apr-02 10:26:18
A fascination discussion on the effects of the Petroyuan.... .... http://palisaderadio.com/jamie-carrasco-the-petrodollar-is-now-under-attack-will-die/ ....runs 21 min.
2018-Mar-27 11:02:21
China is working a strategy with the Saudis. Since the last months of 2017, the Jackass has been firm that the ARAMCO deal for IPO stock introduction might never occur. And if it did, then Hong Kong might be the only location for the IPO launch. It seems that disclosure and transparency is non-existent to this Arab kingdom. Now the stock listing might be in Riyadh and nowhere else. Imagine the risk to brokerage houses if the truth comes out, that the Saudi oil reserves are only 20% to 40% of the disclosed amount, a grand lie and deep fraud. Such will not stop China from investing privately in ARAMCO, since it would serve two purposes. It would enable huge diverse participation in the Saudi Economy, which contains a second treasure trove of minerals. It would enable the Chinese to purchase Saudi oil in RMB terms for payment. In the last month, the Russians confirmed an equally sized investment stake in ARAMCO. If the Chinese sit on the ARAMCO board of directors, they will surely convince the Saudis to alter the payment method in approval. It could be a primary part of the deal. .... http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article61900.html
2018-Mar-26 00:54:36
A turkey is fed for a thousand days by a butcher; every day confirms to its staff of analysts that butchers love turkeys ‘with increased statistical confidence’. The butcher will keep feeding the turkey until a few days before Thanksgiving. Then comes that day when it is really not a very good idea to be a turkey. So with the butcher surprising it, the turkey will have a revision of belief – right when its confidence that the butcher loves turkeys is maximal and ‘it is very quiet’ and soothingly predictable in the life of the turkey.
It’s an astute allegory on the seemingly universal human belief that we can predict the future despite much evidence to the contrary....... https://capitalistexploits.at/2018/03/the-problem-with-turkeys-a-curious-case-for-the-platinum-group/
2018-Mar-19 20:56:16
Interesting article, jacs ....... and yes - on a global/nuclear war scale the US is history.
..... but I would think that on a small-scale/non-nuclear conflict, the aircraft carriers et al are still the biggest stick ........
2018-Mar-17 09:04:35
here we go tricky, see if your brain can comprehend.... https://www.lewrockwell.com/2018/03/donald-w-miller-jr-md/the-day-u-s-military-supremacy-ended-and-naval-warfare-became-obsolete/
2018-Mar-14 12:01:38
nah, the yanks are stuffed, those at the top don't know/read history and those that do are sacked....its part of a cycle that's been evolving for years and those that don't understand are stuffed also...same as us here
2018-Mar-03 23:22:09
yes 0 wolf gets so many points across - and does his research - unlike most of the alt-news mob - or the mainstream news, for that matter
2018-Mar-03 12:34:27
tricky if you where half a brain smart you would do a little research
2018-Mar-03 00:14:02
besides pensions, lack of corporate responsibility has been deteriorating for the last 20 yrs or more and govt. institutions and watchdogs have been emasculated to the point of being toothless tigers ...accountability has evaporated and will reach a point where the financial system fails and we go back and relearn the lessons of history at great cost.... https://wolfstreet.com/2018/02/25/its-not-only-carillion-thats-built-on-sand-its-our-whole-system-of-corporate-accountability/
2018-Feb-27 23:07:43
the beauty of unfunded government pensions, jacs
we're so busy paying ridiculous amounts to executives and politicians, that we haven't had time to worry about the 99%
2018-Feb-27 00:38:02
might need a gun when the system implodes and people wake up to the fact that they are victims of the greatest con out...super and pensions with not enough money in the till to cover the payouts.... The pension crisis is inching closer by the day. @CalPERS just voted to increase the amount cities must pay to the agency. Cities point to possible insolvency if payments keep rising but CalPERS is near insolvency itself. It may be reform or bailout soon. – Steve Westly, former California controller and CalPERS board member.
1.5 MILLION RETIREES AWAIT CONGRESSIONAL FIX FOR A PENSION TIME BOMB........... http://news.goldseek.com/GoldSeek/1519677331.php
2018-Feb-22 23:05:06
yank pollies are almost all bought and paid for by pressure groups like the NRA
2018-Feb-22 23:04:36
amazing how less than 40% of the US population tell the rest that the can't ban guns
2018-Feb-14 04:32:58
Q&A had a segment on dual citizenship Mon night and the problems of section 44 I think it was...here is a link referring to part of it.... http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-13/john-hewson-calls-for-broad-referendum-on-qanda/9424528
2018-Feb-13 21:01:46
Australia obviously doesn't have any real problems -
after all, over 90% of parliament's time for the last few months has been spent on idiotic arguments re citizenship and who's bedding who ...

............ but wait ..........
over 90% of their time is ALWAYS spent on idiotic arguments and chep shots at each other ...........
Razzle Dazzle
2018-Feb-13 12:46:55
Razzle Dazzle
2018-Feb-13 03:22:49
a term to describe Barnaby Joyce: The Beetrooter.
Harsh... but funny!
2018-Feb-11 20:56:37
poor bugger - he must have a real problem getting by financially
2018-Feb-09 10:18:57
Don Chipp was an honest politician .... 1st Leader of the Australian Democrats ..... who ? .... gr8 bloke tho .....
Razzle Dazzle
2018-Feb-09 06:41:52
so the US economy and stock market are at a critical inflexion point, so who is in charge? A big spending multiple bankrupt! what could go wrong???
Razzle Dazzle
2018-Feb-09 06:27:55
Trump is calling Reince Priebus to complain about the person he replaced Priebus with, Kelly. Who was meant to fix the divisiveness in the White House. Guess what Donald, the problem is YOU!
Razzle Dazzle
2018-Feb-09 06:26:31
blimey what a mess...https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/08/us/politics/kelly-trump.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news
2018-Feb-08 09:14:10
Ted Mack ..a rare man of principle... 1988
He retires from all public offices before he is due to qualify for a $1 million state parliamentary pension, a protest against the excesses of public political office.

Enters federal politics and wins the seat of North Sydney with a swing of more than 44 per cent, the largest swing to an independent candidate in history. Mack was the only vote against Australian involvement in the 1991 Gulf War.

Mack retires from federal parliament before the general election of that year, once again before he is due to receive his parilamentary pension. He is succeeded by future federal treasurer Joe Hockey. ... https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/mosman-daily/ted-mack-fans-prepare-to-pay-tribute-in-north-sydney/news-story/1c6f665f4271cfeb6f59119af33f822c
2018-Feb-08 00:29:12
a very clear sign of trumps megalomania - http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-08/donald-trump-wants-grand-us-military-parade/9407382
2018-Feb-08 00:26:27
i would say ted mack and fred nile werent, dunno about the present
2018-Feb-07 20:35:23
Freddie - can you name a politician that ISN'T crooked?

2018-Feb-07 21:01:29
Democrats blew it with crooked Hilary.
2018-Feb-05 02:40:04
2018-Feb-04 21:46:40
I do agree, bb - the rise of multinationals has basically destroyed people power
2018-Jan-31 20:30:41
and now, a couple of entertaining, left-whinge-looney articles on Donald Trump's america and the rise of the alt-right ....


2018-Jan-28 22:32:12
From: Paul – GetUp! [mailto:info@getup.org.au]
Sent: Monday, 29 January 2018 09:18
Subject: Dutton's revenge


It's the killer blow.

Our legal experts turned over every stone in the Turnbull Government's new anti-democratic legislation – and found a land mine.

A hidden clause could choke off more than half our people-powered fundraising – slashing our campaigns and crippling our impact on the next federal election.

How? If the bill passes, then any GetUp member who contributes as little as $4.80 per week will have to provide a legal document signed and witnessed by a justice of the peace.1

It's an oppressive burden on your right to engage in our democracy. And all that paperwork would decimate a lean, grassroots organisation like GetUp that relies on tens of thousands of online donations to power our work.2

We'll fight tooth and nail to fend off this anti-democratic bill. But we need to prepare for the worst, by getting out in front of it. So while everyone can still donate freely, we're asking members to dig extra deep, for a huge 'GetUp Survival War Chest' – to ensure we keep running strong, right through to the next election.

Can you chip in to show the hard right that our movement will never succumb to their anti-democratic attacks?

Politicians who only need to cash a few big checks from the likes of Gina Rinehart won't be hindered by a few pieces of legal paperwork. But when we ran the numbers on the grassroots funding GetUp could lose – the potential impact was devastating. We couldn't have run:
• Our entire federal election campaign, including taking on Peter Dutton and other hard-right blockers

• Our years of day-in, day-out campaigning to #StopAdani and their climate-trashing, Reef-killing mega-mine

• Every piece of hard-hitting research GetUp members have commissioned to expose the corporate tax cheats who rob our local schools and hospitals
Abandoning any one of these campaigns is unthinkable. But if enough of us come together and chip in to lock in a massive survival War Chest now, we can make sure GetUp's campaigns don't fall victim to the hard right.

Chip in to keep GetUp thriving, fighting and impacting the next election no matter what.

These attacks keep coming because hard right members of the Turnbull Government are scared of you, Oliver. They're trying to attack our movement, but they don't understand who we are.

They think we're a brand, a company, an office – something they can get hold of, or shut down. But GetUp is 1 million independent-minded Australians acting together to have a positive impact on our country.

You can't get hold of that. You can't tie it up in legislation. You can't shut it down. You can slow down an organisation, but you can't stop a movement.

So no matter what happens, I know that you – and GetUp members like you all over the country – will find a way to continue fighting for a fairer, flourishing and more just society.

Chip in to make sure our movement can keep standing strong

Thank you for stepping up when it's needed most,

Paul, for the GetUp team

PS – This clause wouldn't just hit GetUp – it would also cripple the fundraising of many minor parties and independent candidates. It's a far-reaching attack on our democracy that would further entrench our broken, two-party political system by making people-powered fundraising near impossible. Chip in now so that independent voices can still thrive in our democracy.


[1] Electoral Legislation Amendment (Electoral Funding and Disclosure Reform) Bill 2017
[2] 'Absurd': Government's donations crackdown threatens grassroots campaign funding, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 January 2018
GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations. If you'd like to contribute to help fund GetUp's work, please donate now! This email was sent to oliver@asit.com.au. To unsubscribe this email address from GetUp, please click here.
Our team acknowledges that we meet and work on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. We wish to pay respect to their Elders - past, present and future - and acknowledge the important role all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people continue to play within Australia and the GetUp community.
Authorised by Paul Oosting, Level 14, 338 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000.
2018-Jan-28 19:56:24
hmmmmmmmmmm - I think I may as well close the place down - all the reasonable people have left it, and we only have a few dregs left...........
2018-Jan-28 11:47:43
dont really care as am terminating this so called chat,,,sleep well
2018-Jan-28 11:45:16
you have something to prove or justify your existence , I dont
2018-Jan-28 11:43:40
suggest you make a pot of camomile tea and have a good lie down...I dont bother with your links so dont bother '98
2018-Jan-28 11:40:10
I post rarely
2018-Jan-28 11:39:32
for what reason?
2018-Jan-28 11:38:50
I asked a ? as confused by your purpose
2018-Jan-28 11:37:44
what is your purpose then...happy just ranting and railing?
2018-Jan-28 11:34:55
glad you are in the loop to save the world...I really feel better now
2018-Jan-28 11:29:25
not offended, just bemused and making a comment....am happy to ignore a high proportion of posts....and there is free speech in here and the ridiculous
2018-Jan-28 10:41:04
time for a name change to room.....the OCD Room...as a poster observed recently in one of the other rooms its impossible for beachbum to read everything she posts......so like a true zealot posts everything that she believes her gods say...I thought bazza had a problem but we now have him replaced by a bigger one...mental health is a definite problem these days
2018-Jan-24 12:57:50
Qantas before GPS's etc used to carry a navigator on l/haul flights over water to South Africa who did sextant shots of the stars through the roof of the cockpit to compute the route...707's were retired in 1979 along with navigators, an illustrious breed
2018-Jan-24 10:14:48
...........for bb
2018-Jan-24 10:14:25
To prove that the minor arc of a great circle is the shortest path connecting two points on the surface of a sphere, one can apply calculus of variations to it.

Consider the class of all regular paths from a point p {\displaystyle p} p to another point q {\displaystyle q} q. Introduce spherical coordinates so that p {\displaystyle p} p coincides with the north pole. Any curve on the sphere that does not intersect either pole, except possibly at the endpoints, can be parametrized by

θ = θ ( t ) , ϕ = ϕ ( t ) , a ≤ t ≤ b {\displaystyle \theta =\theta (t),\quad \phi =\phi (t),\quad a\leq t\leq b} \theta =\theta (t),\quad \phi =\phi (t),\quad a\leq t\leq b

provided we allow ϕ {\displaystyle \phi } \phi to take on arbitrary real values. The infinitesimal arc length in these coordinates is

d s = r θ ′ 2 + ϕ ′ 2 sin 2 ⁡ θ d t . {\displaystyle ds=r{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}\,dt.} ds=r{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{{2}}\sin ^{{2}}\theta }}\,dt.

So the length of a curve γ {\displaystyle \gamma } \gamma from p {\displaystyle p} p to q {\displaystyle q} q is a functional of the curve given by

S [ γ ] = r ∫ a b θ ′ 2 + ϕ ′ 2 sin 2 ⁡ θ d t . {\displaystyle S[\gamma ]=r\int _{a}^{b}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}\,dt.} S[\gamma ]=r\int _{a}^{b}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{{2}}\sin ^{{2}}\theta }}\,dt.

According to the Euler-Lagrange equation, S [ γ ] {\displaystyle S[\gamma ]} {\displaystyle S[\gamma ]} is minimized if and only if

sin 2 ⁡ θ ϕ ′ θ ′ 2 + ϕ ′ 2 sin 2 ⁡ θ = C {\displaystyle {\frac {\sin ^{2}\theta \phi '}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}}=C} {\displaystyle {\frac {\sin ^{2}\theta \phi '}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}}=C},

where C {\displaystyle C} C is a t {\displaystyle t} t-independent constant, and

sin ⁡ θ cos ⁡ θ ϕ ′ 2 θ ′ 2 + ϕ ′ 2 sin 2 ⁡ θ = d d t θ ′ θ ′ 2 + ϕ ′ 2 sin 2 ⁡ θ . {\displaystyle {\frac {\sin \theta \cos \theta \phi '^{2}}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}}={\frac {d}{dt}}{\frac {\theta '}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}}.} {\displaystyle {\frac {\sin \theta \cos \theta \phi '^{2}}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}}={\frac {d}{dt}}{\frac {\theta '}{\sqrt {\theta '^{2}+\phi '^{2}\sin ^{2}\theta }}}.}

From the first equation of these two, it can be obtained that

ϕ ′ = C θ ′ sin ⁡ θ C 2 + sin 2 ⁡ θ {\displaystyle \phi '={\frac {C\theta '}{\sin \theta {\sqrt {C^{2}+\sin ^{2}\theta }}}}} {\displaystyle \phi '={\frac {C\theta '}{\sin \theta {\sqrt {C^{2}+\sin ^{2}\theta }}}}}.

Integrating both sides and considering the boundary condition, the real solution of C {\displaystyle C} C is zero. Thus, ϕ ′ = 0 {\displaystyle \phi '=0} {\displaystyle \phi '=0} and θ {\displaystyle \theta } \theta can be any value between 0 and θ 0 {\displaystyle \theta _{0}} \theta _{0}, indicating that the curve must lie on a meridian of the sphere. In Cartesian coordinates, this is

x sin ⁡ ϕ 0 − y cos ⁡ ϕ 0 = 0 {\displaystyle x\sin \phi _{0}-y\cos \phi _{0}=0} x\sin \phi _{0}-y\cos \phi _{0}=0

which is a plane through the origin, i.e., the center of the sphere.
2018-Jan-24 10:01:30
better off going via a great circle - the shortest distance between two points...
2018-Jan-24 02:07:35
beachy, what about using the rhumb line?
2018-Jan-23 20:45:43
no, bb - i believe its round because I've flown around it ....
but of course, I must have been mistaken.... its really flat, and rests on the back of three elephants, which are riding on the back of a very large turtle.
all these satellites etc that go around the earth are a con job by NASA as well

2018-Jan-23 16:32:11
2018-Jan-23 16:31:49
Do you believe this also? ? >>>https://www.forbes.com/sites/quora/2015/12/11/how-we-lost-the-ability-to-travel-to-the-moon/#92e99f01f48e
Whst you bekieve the earths a sphere?? Cos NASA told you so??
2018-Jan-22 00:40:16
lol...there are still believers that the world is flat and like all fundamentalists ranging from from muslim extremists to southern evangelical baptists in the US their ears are blocked and the eyeshades firmly tied over their eyes so that they cant be informed or learn from science....even so called educated people ignore the existence of fossils etc and still firmly believe that everything on earth was created in 7 days...but then its everyones choice as to how informed they wish to be
2018-Jan-21 20:27:04
.......... perhaps you should read this article, bb ,,,,,,,,,

2018-Jan-21 20:26:32
like the geelongchemtrails
2018-Jan-21 20:26:09
lol - yep - "facts"
The Cynic
2018-Jan-20 04:04:47
WONDERFUL articles, bb !

great to see the unbiased, unvarnished, middle-of-the-road truth from people who see both sides of the story !!!
how DARE anyone think that we're ruining the environment !!

........ next thing we know we'll all be believing in the chemtrail conspiracy !!

2018-Jan-20 14:44:14

2018-Jan-20 12:34:41
2018-Jan-17 22:38:40
completely agree. Big Business has taken over ... and the right whingers can't seem to realise that by helping the rich, they do nothing for the vast majority of the population
2018-Jan-17 10:19:49
rightwing "Economic Rationalism" a big flop and failure...and on the way out..you reckon?..and its small govt free trade dogmas? B Shorten PM..how does that sound,,?..:)..hope housing bust hits first..might be getting close now..??
2018-Jan-15 12:47:23
The nation is fragmenting because the Status Quo is failing the majority of the citizenry..... https://www.oftwominds.com/blogjan18/social-change1-18.html
The Cynic
2018-Jan-14 17:43:42
bb's post - moved from general chat room

2018-Jan-14 23:30:46
To All Australians, Including our treacherous politicians and Governor General,

Our Government has its claws illegally on OUR LIVES and RIGHT TO FREEDOM and we don't even know it... for those that do its as if you don't care... because if you did you would be doing something about it...

In the case of our politicians... OUR public servants!!! The honest politicians are quickly pushed out and silenced one way or another... like Duly elected Western Australia Senator Rod Culleton who's basically in exile but waiting on a High Court finding due 18 February 2018... There are many that do know what has been happening over the last 88 years but are doing nothing about it because they are quite happy taking our money illegally... Yes Illegally... Why? There are several reasons... Which I will get to soon, but first I want to point out that everything I am about to say is fact and easily verifiable by way of historical records, public information and legal documents... even for a Layman like me.

This notice, although it may be long, it is definitely worth a read to the very end... I have tried to be as educational as possible...

28 June 1919 The Commonwealth of Australia officially became an independent, sovereign nation.

The “Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK)” was legally valid only so long as the Commonwealth of Australia remained a colony of the United Kingdom and the monarch, George V was exercising his lawful sovereignty over the colony... so therefore our Constitution then became invalid... So at this point changes to the existing or a new Constitution should have been put to the Australian people by way a referendum but what actually happened was our public servants decided our fate for us... This was in fact the first of many acts of TREASON against the Australian people by our public servants.

Under the Law of State Succession, the Australian politicians also failed to produce a document of sovereignty following independence.

Instead our Public servants continued to use the legally invalid "An Act to Constitute the Commonwealth of Australia 1900 (UK)" as a document of sovereignty and power to Make and Implement Treaties in the name of the Commonwealth of Australia contrary to every known legal principle in domestic and international law... I have no idea how many acts of TREASON our public servants committed by entering into all the international treaties illegally because I don't know how many there actually are.

As sovereignty now rested with the Australian People, the current political and judicial system in use in the Commonwealth of Australia is without legal foundation... But since our public servants have decided to continue to use the invalid Constitution I will carry on as though its still legal... This was Treason.

So the Invalid Constitution and FRAUD committed by our Government wouldn't be known to the public... at some point the signature of The Queen (Elizabeth II) were forged on "The letters Patent", Forged because the Government knew The Queen couldn't and most likely wouldn't issue when she succeeded the King after he died because we were by time well and truly sovereigns and independent from great Brittan, and those forged documents were used to Commission the Governor General illegally... So since 1920 the Governor General has no legal standing nor powers... Therefore Every P.M., M.P., Senator, Judge and many others are in office illegally, every Act of Parliament/Law, Statute and everything else you can think of that needed the Governor Generals signature was and still is invalid today also... I'm sure there's some TREASON and FRAUD in this don't you?

The monarch and the monarch's representatives (State Governors/Governor General) are limited by the current legislative power of the Parliament of the United Kingdom which under domestic and international law excludes the right to bestow the power of assent to bills within the sovereign territory of the Commonwealth of Australia, a Member State of the United Nations, nor can this power of assent be bestowed by a government which is itself subordinate to Clause 9 of an Act that is current domestic legislation of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Power of assent is a 'sovereign power' held by the Australian People alone. Even they cannot bestow this power upon a citizen who is subordinate to the British Parliament. A nation's sovereignty is not negotiable under domestic and international law!

Some time in the 1970's our public servants decided amongst themselves to replace "Constitutional" common law (Law of the land) and common law courts with "Unconstitutional" Admiralty Law (law of the Sea) and Corporate law in step with The USA and most of the western countries under direction from the U.N. basically as a means to raise revenue and force income tax and fees illegally on the population... Need I point out that this is against our constitution... we are on land not sea... To take away our rights illegally and impose illegal laws on us is Treason.

In 1975 Our Government at that time took the constitution out of our schools and then in 1981 Scripture was also removed from schools so no one could see what was happening was illegal.

"Australia ACT 1986" was an illegal ACT because it changed the constitution by replacing "The Queen" with "Her Majesty" In not one official legitimate document is "The Queen" referred to as "Her Majesty" and it separates The United Kingdom From Australia and declares Australia as an Independent sovereign nation... Isn't that considered a republic??? Our Government knew they were breaking the law so they drafted, passed though parliament in secret and enacted by Bob Hawk himself without first holding a referendum... Treason here also.

I guess this is when we became a republic without being asked... and just so you know how serious this is...

Unlawful ulteration to the Constitution:
SECT 24aa of the Federal Criminal Code.

Also in 1986 OUR Australian Government along with The Australian Taxation Office which belonged to the Australian people was effectively and literally stolen from us and was registered as a Corporation with the United States of American SEC...

•SEC Central Index Key (CIK): 0000805157
•SEC Standard Industrial Code (SIC): 8880 (UNKNOWN)

And is also registered with ASIC, the Australian Securities & Investments Commission as for profit.,, This is Treason.

Our State Governments are a sub company OWNED by The 'Commonwealth of Australia", each Government department in each state is a sub company of the state Government... Including The Department of The Attorney General that controls all courts, Judges and Solicitors/Council in direct contradiction to the Constitution.

The Prime Minister is the Director of all the companies and runs them but they are owned by The Roman Catholic Church, The United Nations and The Royal Bank of Australia... Here again is Treason.

No one can tell me that every successive Government didn't know at some point the constitution hadn't been effected it such a way... They all chose to conceal the fact (TREASON) and continue on with the fraud until they could hide it forever... They're chance to hide the crimes committed against us will come in 1999 even though there was strong opposition to a republic and they knew it would be the case for many years.

It could be argued that since The Australian Government simply asked The United Kingdom Parliament to pass an ACT to allow The Australian Government to remove the Queen from the Australian Constitution so therefore it was legal... But no sorry...

The Statute of Westminster 1931(UK), the Australia Act 1986(UK) and the Australia Act 1986(AUS) have no legal basis in domestic or international law. As sovereignty rested with the Australian People by 1919, the United Kingdom parliament did not have authority to legislate for Australia even if so requested by the 'parliament' of the extinct colonial federation of the Commonwealth of Australia.

In 1988 a referendum was held to add Local Government to the Federal Constitution but it was defeated... 64% the public said "NO" but Bob Hawk added it anyway against the will of the people... Turns out her was a very dishonest and Traitor to boot

1990... Kim Beasley in response to a question from Senator Button in parliament said:
"The United Nations has given Federal Government a mandate of ownership for housing, farms, property and businesses to Government control once the republic has been proclaimed" So I guess everything that comes next should be no surprise...

A charter to achieve "Global Governance" had been developed at a millennium assembly in September 1999 and was made public on U.N. day in October 1999 and Australia was voted in and our Government signed up for us without asking first... more TREASON

Then 6th November 1999 Australia voted in a constitutional referendum on whether Australia should become a republic and whether or not to insert a preamble to the Australian Constitution... Both were voted down by a majority... So what will the Government do now since they already signed into the U.N.? I can tell you what won't happen at this point... The government will not be unable to hide their TREASON... nor hide the TREASON of previous Governments forever.

In May of 2000 The Government then did something very sneaky in case the public caught on to what had happened... They took the Oath of allegiance to "the Queen" out of the "Legal Practice ACT Victoria 1996" so there could be no recourse in the courts because there would be no legally practicing Judges or lawyers.

Swearing an Oath to The State instead of to Our Head of State, "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II"
Common Law Treason:-
Sect; 80
Subsect; 5
Federal Criminal code.
Punishment; Life in prision.

Sometime in 2004 An Australian group calling itself the Institute of Taxation Research lead by Mr Ian Henke, a constitutional researcher, knew the Constitution was a British law and used this fact to mount a serious challenge to the constitutional authority of the Australian Government, declaring that if the Constitution Act did not give the Government power to sign international treaties because it was void, nor could it be used as the basis for domestic law.

The Australian Governments illegality was then established by a British High Court in 2004...(Ian Henke v The Australian Government and The Australian Taxation Office).

RULING HANDED DOWN, Friday 25TH June 2004 :-

(A Brief Summary)
Letters Patent, issued under The Great Seal of Australia, by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, appointing a Governor General in Australia, have been issued incorrectly. ILLEGALLY.

Obviously this is FRAUD on a grand scale and also TREASON...

1st January 2004... The Crown of the United Kingdom was removed and substituted from Western Australia Constitution without the required referendum consent. This was done by the Western Australian Government with the consent of the Federal Government, TREASON was again committed... But this time someone noticed...

Julia Gillard, John Howard, Kim Beasley, Michael Jeffery, Damian Bugg, R Hulls and others in the period 15th December 2006 and 29th January 2007, were criminally charged by Private Prosecution Right at the Melbourne Magistrates Court by a private citizen named Brien Shaw... In addition Grand Jury applications were lodged at the Full Court of the Supreme Court Melbourne Victoria on each defendant.

24th June 2010, Julia Gillard was sworn in as Prime Minister under an Oath that was not the Oath of allegiance to Her Majesty "Queen Elizabeth II", No she swore an Oath of allegiance to the "Commonwealth".... Since when was the "Oath of Allegiance not to "The Queen"??????????? That was televised and no one picked up on that? Well at least one person did that's why she was charged...

Julia Gillard had not revealed that these criminal charges exist. Julia Gillard was charged with concealing treason, and as such was disqualified from sitting in either House of Parliament because of Section 44 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.
The Australian Election Paper relating to nominations states:- “The disqualification in Section 44 renders a person incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a member of either house. The disqualifications therefore operate from the time the process of election starts that process, including Nomination of Candidates”

To this day these charges against these grubs have not been addressed in court... the Supreme Court went as far as to put a gag order on the case so no one could report on it... Pervesion of Justice and Concealment of Treason.

The Government knew all that transpired so in 2008, Kevin Rudd, our PM, had gone to see The Queen (Elizabeth 2nd) and he came home with the words to the media, "We must have a referendum on Australia becoming a republic!" But it was left there for now...

The Australian Government both past and present do not want the people to know that any and every ACT/law created after 1920 is invalid nor do they want the people to know of the many acts of TREASON committed against us.

The governments long term plan to destroy our once great country with Islamic (pretend) refugees and hand us over to the European Union is almost complete... it can't be complete until we do become a republic and hopefully that won't happen until our corrupt Government is paying the price for their crimes against the Australian People... And when that does happen I'm sure we as a nation fill be telling the European Union where to go...

To this day they are telling the public "The Queen" is still our Head of state but The proof is in the writing...

There are a number of concerned Australians like myself, people who have for some time been aware and disgusted about the corrupt and deceitful behaviour of the Australian Parliament, Queen Elizabeth II and the Australian Courts.

Even though the information contained within this message to the Australian people deals mainly with Australian political and legal issues, those people also living in New Zealand and Canada are also directly affected to the same degree.

You will soon discover as you do your own investigations, that the elected Government and the entire Judicial System of Australia are totally unlawful, fraudulent and invalid!

This has enormous ramifications when considering International Treaties entered into by the these Governments, any Australian political appointments, the banking laws, the whole Court System, just to name a few, have NO legitimacy and are totally null and void.

Are you an Australian citizen who has a pending legal action through the Court System, where your bank is about to foreclose on your home, or do you have a legal matter with the Tax Department or any other Government Department (such as the Police for traffic or parking violations), or the Local Councils (for council rates), or Debt Collection Agencies, or anyone else ready to persecute or prosecute you?

If so, then you really need to look into and study now and learn the truth, as you may have a justified case for 'Human Rights Abuse' and you might even be in a position for a substantial compensation claim against them for 'economic deprivation'!!!

However, if you are an Australian, New Zealander or Canadian citizen who is not being persecuted by your government at present, but who is concerned for your future and that of your Country, open your eyes to the political and judicial abuse of power and the associated corruption, manipulation and deceptive behaviour of these people!

Please feel free to investigate and do your own research as I have... Especially all of the documented evidence.

It is more than time that the people of Australia and the world took a hard look at what is happening within the political and judicial systems in their own countries and unite to end this blatant, disgusting, fraudulent and criminal behaviour, thereby ensuring and protecting the future of our children!

The Political system In Australia is flawed and subject to manipulation to ensure that enough honest politicians do not get into office.

Very few politicians will not step forward to reveal the truth to the Australian people because most are corrupt and on the take and getting very rich as a result... those that are honest are quickly and illegally expelled from office.

It really wasn't that hard to to find all the evidence to support what I have said now... and to be honest it's only now, after finding out everything that I have, that the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place... now I know why Our Government is allowing the European Unions policies to destroy our nation.

Many foreign Governments and companies around the world know that our government is illegal and are exploiting our wealth knowing full well our Government wont dare risk upsetting them or they might tell us the truth... why do you think they would allow mass Islamic migration knowing very well it will destroy our country... Its the same in Germany, Canada, England, Spain and every other western country that has the same corrupt Governmental fraudulent practices?

In every Single effected country, the Government would rather destroy their county and people than face the people for their crimes...

You only have to follow the facts to see that The European Union is behind everything and it's no coincidence that there are more Islamic representatives than not running the show... They want to take over the world and our so called leaders are letting them... Sorry we are letting them because we won't do anything about it but jump up and down... some of us anyway...

If we all don't unite and do something, like remove the Government soon it will be too late...

The actual comments made by the forefathers of the Constitution have been hidden away in the archives. Indeed, the original annotated Constitution with comments by two of the lawyers who helped write the document hasn't seen light of day since it was written in 1901... The first reprint in 1995 was not for public consumption.

I have all the evidence to prove all the facts I have stated... they were not too hard to find... So all the politicians and citizens of Australia are all now on notice!!! We true Australian's have to stand up and be heard... This is our counrty and we were given the right to govern ourselves....

Tell your family, friends and nieghbours the outragious facts, outragious not because they are unbeleivable, but because some people had have the morals of nothing more than the worst hunam beings on the planet... they should be in jail and our future generations deserve to enjoy a happy healthy life free from tyranny and excessive govenence, taxed to the eyeballs, and have their own houses, not forced to rent for the rest of their lives... I know my children will never own a house between them unless they get into politcs, If we do nothing what are we leaving our children exposed to...

So far our children are taught gay sex and the thought of being the oposite sex is put into their young immpressional minds and those thoughts should never be considered by even a twelve year old let alone a six year old.

There is also the Islamic migrants (Invaders) that don't want to be australian, they only have one goal... that is to change our country and eventually our children would be under sharia law...

116. Commonwealth not to legislate in respect of religion The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, and no religious test shall be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the Commonwealth.

But I'm sure the government will again disregard the Constitution whenthe time comes to make new laws for Moslims to protect them from invaded...

Now the somali moslims are running around terrorising australian law abiding people, attacting people on the street and even in their houses and the government and police try to pull the wool over our eyes, nothing to see here...

The self appointed rulers are selling off all our countries wealth at rock bottom prices and then not charging taxes and sometimes even gives then grants.

Two Billion Dollars of our money we to Islamic countries supposedly for aid of some sort of aid but a lot of that money went to funding terror and got Julia Boshop a seat in the U.N.

They are just a fewmore points as to why we must act...This is the biggest issue we as Australians will ever face, I cannot think of a single thing that has effected every single Australian, young, old and future generations of Australian's, things here in Australia will only get worse, more of us will die over the coming years at the hands of the 1 or 2 percent of moslims that are beleived to be extremeists, our government will take more and more from us and inflict more and more hardship unless we stand up make ourselves heard.

Our brave ANZAC's put everything on the line in two word wars, Vietnam, Desert Storm and of course now in Afganistan, Every war after WW2 have been under fause pretences, in other words we were lied to, so the rulers could justify them.

"We the people" should be able to decide for ourselves if we go to another country and kill or be killed. we should not be forced to fight for governments that care nothing about us...

We do not have to take this illegal and criminal government any longer, all it will take is many Australians marching into Parliment House and Civilly and Legally remove them from office... If the police or armed forces try to stop us from our right to remove government under the "Magna Carta" they will be committing treason, We force the Police and Armed Forces to swear the true Oath and Immeadiately arrest all the criminals... Sounds easy because it is... We have the constitution and the Magna Carta on our side, and they reign supreme.
But as I said we need many people, one million maybe enough but more would be better.

If you are aware of Treason you "have a duty" to act accordingly...
If you do not act accordingly and keep quiet and you are in fact an enabler and a party to the concealment of TREASON. This does not just those in Camberra, It applies to all Australians.

"We The People" must take back our sovereignty and country all that have committed and enabled TREASON will be dealt with in accordance to the LAW.

So for all the Members of Parliament you have been warned.

Australians are waking up!

"We the People" will no longer be silent nor will we wait any longer for OUR public servants (Elected officials) to bring about change for the better, many if not MOST Politicians are simply not aware of the INJUSTICE and TREASON forced on "We The People", there are some that are aware but are too afraid to bring these issues up.

"We The People" no longer have confidence that "OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS" will do what is in our best interests so "We the People" will no longer stand behind our "PUBLIC SERVANTS", "We the People" now Demand "OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS" stand behind and support us while we do what is needed to bring the corrupt and treasonous "PUBLIC SERVANTS" to justice.

"We the People" also demand that the "AUSTRALIAN ARMED FORCES" and "LAW ENFORCEMENT" across Australia that Unknowingly committed "TREASON" by swearing an Affirmation or Oath to the "state" or ""Commonwealth" instead of an Affirmation or Oath to our rightful Head of State "Queen Elizabeth II" to stand with the Rightful Govenors (WE THE PEOPLE) of Australia or face "Life in prison" along side your "CRININAL" self ellected masters, So that "WE THE PEOPLE" can restore "LAWFULL" LAW to this "GREAT LAND" Known as "THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA"

Informed Australians.
2018-Jan-12 12:56:59
Nomi Prins Predicts Radical Changes In The World In 2018
January 11, 2018

– Nomi Prins: In last year’s roadmap, I forecast that 2017 would end with gold prices up and the dollar index down, both of which happened. I underestimated the number of Fed hikes by one hike, but globally, average short term rates have remained around zero. That will be a core pattern throughout 2018.

Central banks may tweak a few rates here and there, announce some tapering due to “economic growth”, or deflect attention to fiscal policy, but the entire financial and capital markets system rests on the strategies, co-dependencies and cheap money policies of central banks. The bond markets will feel the heat of any tightening shift or fears of one, while the stock market will continue to rush ahead on the reality of cheap money supply until debt problems tug at the equity markets and take them down.

Central bankers are well aware of this. They have no exit plan for their decade of collusion. But a weak hope that it’ll all work out. They have no dedicated agenda to remove themselves from their money supplier role, nor any desire to do so. Truth be told, they couldn’t map out an exit route from cheap money even if they wanted to.

The total books of global central banks (that hold the spoils of QE) have ballooned by $2 Trillion in assets (read: debt) over 2017. That brings the amount of global central banks holdings to more than $21.7 trillion in assets. And growing. Teasers about tapering have been released into the atmosphere, but numbers don’t lie.

That’s a hefty cushion for international speculation. Every bond a central bank buys or holds, gets a price-lift. Trillions of dollars of such buys have artificially lifted all bond prices, and stocks because of the secondary-lift effect and rapacious search for self-perpetuating returns. Financial bubbles pervade the world.

Central bank leaders may wax hawkish –manifested in strong words but tepid actions. Yet, overall, policies will remain consistent with those of the past decade to combat this looming crisis. US nationalistic trade policies will push other nations to embrace agreements with each other that exclude the US and shun the US dollar.

And finally! My new book Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World comes out on May 1. 2018. You can see my book tour schedule evolve over the next few months on my website. I look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events.

Meanwhile, here are some themes to watch for 2018:

1) Central Bank “Tightening” and “Tapering”: More Talk than Action

The Fed predicted three hikes for 2017, and for the first time in three years of announcing rate increases, met its own forecast. Thus, Federal Funds Rates rose by 75 basis points.

In Europe, the European Central Bank (ECB) kept rates in the zero percent range. Gearing up to Brexit, the Bank of England raised rates by a mere 25 basis points. In Japan, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) kept rates negative. The People’s Bank of China (PBoC) didn’t alter its benchmark rate this year, though it did increase its medium-term lending facility and its open market reverse repo agreements by a whopping 15 basis points in 2017. Those aren’t exactly definitive tightening bias moves.

The ECB announced a “tapering” bias, but in practice, merely cut its monthly purchasing pledge while extending the total period of purchasing. This was a typical central bank ‘bait-and-switch’ maneuver, the net effect of which will be more QE, not less.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s snap election victory last fall secured BOJ head, Haruhiko Kuroda in his spot, or at least, provided a green light for more easy money provisions to the Japanese capital markets.

In the US, Jerome Powell will assume the helm at of the Fed on February 4. How different will his policies be from those of Janet Yellen or Ben Bernanke? Not much. He voted in favor of the Fed’s monetary easing programs (even with hesitation) every time. Powell will embrace the same unlimited easy money policy on any sign of market weakness, as the global web of central banks remains as omnipresent as ever.

2) Rising Stock Markets for Now; But on Shakier Ground

Global stock markets, being the easiest place to park cheap money will rise at first in 2018. This will take place on the back of another spurt of record corporate buybacks. The move will carry on due to a self-fulfilling prophesy of return-seekers (from hedge to pension funds) until met by a span of corporate or bank scandals or geo-political risk.

In the US, the Dow Jones finished the year up 28.11% adjusted for dividends (compared to 16.47% adjusted for dividends in 2016.) President Trump took credit for the equity euphoria, as Obama and other presidents have done in the past.

The reality is that stock markets were bolstered by historically cheap money and more than $14 trillion of QE. If the Fed (or any major central bank) was to unwind the $4.5 trillion of assets it’s holding, markets would plummet. That’s why the Fed isn’t moving much, nor are other central banks, to truly reduce the size of their artificial market intervention. But when markets fall back to earth – the drop will be quick and painful.

On the flipside, there’s economic reality. Job growth is at its slowest pace since 2011, wage growth is relatively stagnant and job market participation sits at four-decade lows. While the stock market continues to shatter records, the real economy remains left behind.

3) Expanding Debt and Corporate Defaults

Debt is at epic levels any way you slice it, public debt, corporate debt, credit card debt, student loan debt. There will be a tipping point – when money coming in to furnish that debt, or available to borrow, simply won’t cover the interest payments. Then debt bubbles will pop, beginning with higher yielding bonds. Leverage is a patient enemy.

Fueled by low rates and a strong investor appetite, debt of nonfinancial companies in the US has accelerated rapidly, to $8.7 trillion, a figure equivalent to more than 45 percent of GDP. Nonfinancial corporate debt outstanding grew by $1 trillion over the past two years. US tax cuts will propel more issuance at first, due to the perception of more money available later with which to repay it. That is not the same as actual profits.

This is the year where borrowing fueled by central banks slams into a wall of growing defaults. Expect corporate defaults to rise on the back of even slight rate hikes. Defaults will deepen in non-Asian emerging markets first. That’s because those currencies haven’t done as well against the US dollar as in other countries, and central banks and governments aren’t as able to sustain that debt through various intervention maneuvers.

Meanwhile, major central banks will find ways to fuel corporate bond markets to stave that crisis off as long as they can. The ECB’s corporate buying program kicked into high gear in 2017, for instance, driving corporate spreads and rates downward. The ECB’s corporate sector purchasing program (CSPP) will expand the ECB’s corporate bond holdings to over 20 percent of its whole book, double today’s percentage.

Other central banks will try to do the same, but face headwinds. China has a $3.4 trillion corporate bond market showing signs of struggle. With more than $1 trillion of local bonds maturing in 2018-19, it will become increasingly expensive for Chinese companies to roll over financing, which is why the PBoC will maintain its QE programs in 2018.

4) Weakening Dollar, Rising Gold and Silver Prices

The dollar index that tracks the dollar against other major currencies (including the Euro and the Pound sterling) hit 14-year lows in 2017. As the index dropped accelerated, it exhibited a counter-historical diversion from the behavior of the US stock market. That patterns looks set to continue in 2018, despite any minor US rate increases that did not served to bolster the dollar against other major country currencies last year.

It’s also counter-intuitive for the currency coupled with rising rates to underperform the one with easier policy. Yet, that’s what happened between the US dollar and the Euro in 2017. The Euro’s surge will carry on given that its strength better reflects surrounding economic reality, than the dollar does for the US, where the stock market has far outpaced economic factors like wages and job force participation levels.

Similarly, gold and silver will rise against the US dollar, as bitcoin enthusiasts and gold bugs converge. Nations like China, India and Russia continued to stockpile gold in their quest to diversify against the dollar last year. China’s Gold Bar Demand rose by more than 40%. The more gold these nations buy, the more the dollar could decline relative to their currencies, especially if they sell US treasuries, or reduce purchases, to buy gold. Even my old firm, Goldman Sachs noted the bitcoin boom hasn’t dampened gold demand.

5) Ongoing Economic Power Shift from the West to the East

The economic power shift from West to East, and from the US dollar to the Chinese yuan, will continue for economic and geo-political reasons as China forges more solid global trade relationships and the US retains its nationalist stance.

Given the Trump administration’s isolationist and pro-bilateral trade agreement doctrine, China will augment its economic, military and diplomatic presence globally. The Chinese government has invested billions in the BRICS Development Bank and Asian regional organizations like ASEAN. That type of long-term groundwork will expand in 2018.

As it did in 2017, Japan embarked upon greater cooperation with India and Russia to hedge its US relationships. The Japanese economy also hit a growth streak in 2017. Its economy has been expanding since the start of 2016, the longest streak since 1999.

Japan will keep developing its Eastern influence and seek new relationships as Prime Minister Abe consolidates his power. For the Bank of Japan, that means, despite some talk to the contrary, maintaining its aggressive QE program. The ongoing supply of cheap money will provide a bid to the Japanese stock market and massive liquidity to its banks.

6) Easy ECB policy / Sterling Rising into Brexit

In 2015, Mario Draghi, the head of the ECB, decided to extend Euro-QE into March 2017. Then, he extended Euro-QE to December 2017, with a promise to do more if necessary. There was taper talk in the ECB’s QE program this year. In October, the ECB announced, that starting in January 2018, its asset purchases will follow a monthly pace of €30 billion until the end of September 2018, “or beyond, if necessary.” Ultimately, on an absolute value basis, the move was camouflage that will lead to more QE for Europe, not less.

Over in the United Kingdom, having fallen 14% in 2016 due to Brexit anxiety, the Pound executed an impressive rise helped along the way by the BOE’s 25 basis rate hike. The Pound recorded its best annual performance against the dollar since 2009, with an almost 10 percent rise. Meanwhile, the Euro gained an impressive 14.1 percent vs. the dollar.

Brexit is still looming. Yet, the Sterling has had a good run, and given the receding uncertainty over what Brexit could look like, this trend should extend in 2018. Once everyone realizes that UK banks aren’t moving to Frankfurt no matter what Brexit looks like, the Sterling will outperform the Euro. This will be positive for UK banks that have better capital cushions and are considered more stable.

7) Infrastructure Focus

Currently, the US federal government spends about a modest $100 billion annually on infrastructure. States and cities have tapped out at $320 billion in allocated funding. How they could afford increases at more than double that rate is a mystery.

Yet, the US remains at a huge infrastructure disadvantage relative to Asia and Europe. Any official talk of a bill combined with associated news coverage alone would lift bidding interest for government contracts, and share prices of companies in the sector.

And we will hear more talk about a bi-partisan infrastructure bill and associated public-private partnerships in the wake of the Trump – GOP tax bill victory and into his second year in office. The problem is that his proposed spending of at least $200 billion over the next decade is contingent on $800 billion coming from state and local sources. Many states don’t have the budget to meet such infrastructure demands. This means other funding or increased federal spending will be hotly debated in 2018. Engineering and infrastructure companies will reap the benefits of related expectations and attention.

8) Cryptomania Grips More Tightly

As for Bitcoin, despite its predisposition to being a Ponzi scheme, it should rise (and sustain its high degree of volatility) through 2018 for a few reasons. First, many funds have been green lighted to get involved in the second half of 2018 and ETF’s are on the horizon, albeit with a plethora of surrounding problems and regulatory hesitations. Second, futures exchange activity will broaden the market. Third, establishment banks like Goldman Sachs have announced plans to set up crypto-trading desks and promoted the possibility of bitcoin becoming a legitimate global currency.

There will be growth of the number and diversity of exchanges beyond Coinbase in the manner of PayPal which is already a player in that space, as well as for Coinbase itself. Expect the start of many payment exchanges that can process both regular currencies and cryptocurrency transactions ala the dot com bubble, rendering the idea of crypto-independence more and more fuzzy.

Conversations amongst the financial elite at G7 gatherings and other similar forums will encapsulate more crypto focus. Central banks will ultimately create or utilize some elements of crypto currencies for themselves, and adopt ways to regulate the market, as will regulatory agencies that will focus more on crypto than regular banking activities (both need that monitoring to protect people.) Meanwhile, there will be more buying of cheaper crypto currencies (or assets as I consider them) like Litecoin and Ripple. The fight between those that believe in crypto’s decentralized nature will hit a wall of resistance from banks and central banks, but that fight might take years.

9) Going Digital and Green

Whether you use it, invest in it, or are wary of it – one thing is certain, mining crypto currencies require substantial amounts of power. While Bitcoin’s value was up seven-fold in 2017, its power requirements shot up by 43% just since October. Much of this power comes from generators fed by fossil fuel sources. That’s not clean power.

Green technology for uses in blockchain related products will be a hot area in 2018, as will be clean and renewable sources of energy in general. Solar energy costs have fallen 62% since 2009 and could be cheaper than coal in less than a decade. As traditional fossil fuel economies from Saudi Arabia to Mexico begin to shift, green competition could drive down these costs further in 2018 and render clean energy more profitable.

Beyond the crypto space, green jobs will boom, in some countries more than in others. China continues its efforts at a record pace has pledged spend up to $1 trillion on infrastructure projects in 64 countries with which it seeks to strengthen alliances. Much of that will go into sustainable energy investments. China leads the world in investment in renewable energy projects with an estimated $32 billion spent overseas.

Sustainable energy means jobs elsewhere, too. In 2018, Tesla plans to open the biggest battery factory in the world in Nevada. The UK government has announced massive £246 million investment in the automotive electrification research and development sector.

10) Dangers of Trump’s Deregulation Entourage

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulatory agency tasked with protecting investors, shareholders and citizens from fraudulent financial system activities, is currently run by a man that served as Goldman Sachs’ outside counsel during its subprime crisis related spate of settlements. Goldman Sachs requested of him, that the it be released from annual reporting of its lobbying policies or payments.

He’s not alone in those sorts of allegiances. The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) is run by a former colleague of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Joseph Otting, who was the CEO of OneWest (the formerly failed California-based bank, IndyMac). That’s the bank that Mnuchin and his billionaire friends took over before exacting alleged tens of thousands of foreclosures and turning it around for a hefty profit. Then there’s the Fed, where Jerome Powell has expressed his disinterest in bank regulations over the years. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is now run by Mick Mulvaney – a man that has derided the very existence of the agency.

Ultimately, the mother of all deregulators is presiding over the US Treasury Department. Steven Mnuchin has deflected the notion of reinstatement of a modern Glass-Stegall at every possible moment. He waived away regulation for AIG, the reckless insurance company at the epicenter of the financial crisis, by giving the firm a green light to stop reporting risk details to the Financial Stability Oversight Council over which he presides.

Trump speaks of deregulation with pride. Nearly every regulatory body in his purview tasked with monitoring the financial system is run by someone who has benefited from its unfair practices or somehow believes too much regulation over bailed out big banks is a bad thing. Historically, severe crises follow periods of lax oversight and loose bank regulations. The question isn’t “if” there’s one budding, but “when” it will happen.

The last time deregulation and protectionist businessmen filled the US presidential cabinet was in the 1920s. That led to the Crash of 1929, the Great Depression, and ultimately, brought us to World War II as I explained in All the Presidents’ Bankers.

During the past decade, the helium that inflated asset bubbles and fortified the global banking system was central bank Collusion. At some point the financial dam is destined to break – it has to, and it will. On that sober note, I leave you with this quote from The Rich Boy written in 1926 before the Great Depression by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

“The world, as a rule, does not live on beaches and in country clubs.”

Whoever we are and wherever we live, may we face the challenges of this year, and our times, with awareness, courage and action.
2018-Jan-11 23:32:33
2018-Jan-11 23:23:18
worth a read imo - http://www.dw.com/en/is-a-us-government-shutdown-looming-after-donald-trumps-daca-meddling/a-42118385
2018-Jan-11 23:17:15
A top German court has toppled the acquittal of seven Muslim vigilantes and told a Wuppertal court to reconvene the case. The Karlsruhe judges said the key question was whether the "Sharia Police" intimidated the public.
2018-Jan-11 20:29:51
good articles, bb
2018-Jan-11 10:30:11
beachbum. great story about the figs
2018-Jan-09 22:26:51
LURVE the posts, bb !
2018-Jan-07 00:52:14
HOWARDS COWARD PUNCH..is front page headline...Abbott the coward as well?
2018-Jan-07 00:50:49
from the Saturday Paper....couldnt resist those writings....seem accurate to me ..voters still remember..still grappling with house and electricity prices...going away again
2018-Jan-07 00:48:56
2018-Jan-07 00:48:32
A decade after the fall of the Howard government, Australia remains unable to escape or undo the insular and unfair policies it enacted. By Mike Seccombe.
It’s all John Howard’s fault
2018-Jan-07 00:48:00
Howard was the most right-wing prime minister we ever had, at least until Tony Abbott. Unlike Abbott, as ineffectual in office as Billy McMahon, the other usual nominee for worst-ever PM, Howard was highly effectual but in a regressive sense.
2018-Jan-07 00:47:00
John Howard’s prime ministership still haunts Australian politics.
2018-Jan-07 00:44:56
At least that issue now is fixed. But there is so much more damage from the Howard years yet to be undone. And much that may never be undone. Examine almost any contemporary political problem, from Australia’s growing economic inequality to the declining performance of our school students relative to the rest of the world, to our dying coral reefs, and you will find the fingerprints of John Winston Howard.

Howard was the most right-wing prime minister we ever had, at least until Tony Abbott. Unlike Abbott, as ineffectual in office as Billy McMahon, the other usual nominee for worst-ever PM, Howard was highly effectual but in a regressive sense.

Let’s get down to examples, starting with the economy.

Saul Eslake, former big bank economist, has memorised a long list of the worst economic decisions of the past 20 years, and almost all the items on it are down to Howard and his treasurer, Peter Costello.

Eslake recites, rapid fire: “The halving of the capital gains tax rate. The senior Australians tax offset, which is if you are over 65 you pay less tax on a given income than if you are under 65. The introduction of tax-free superannuation for people over 60. The one-year window in which people could deposit up to $1 million into super. Decision to allow SMSF [self-managed super funds] to borrow to speculate in property. First home owner grants to buy established houses…”
2018-Jan-06 06:47:57
absolutely agree, bb. Privatisation has just meant higher costs and less responsibility across the board. We now pay for the staff, the infrastructure, the loans taken out to buy them AND profits - which mostly go to overseas organisations
2018-Jan-03 21:53:37
couldn't help but laugh at the Dumpster's responses to Steve Bannon's new book -
..... and I do feel sorry for Sarah Huckabee - the hardest job in the world at present is fronting for the Dumpster on a daily basis
2018-Jan-03 21:51:51
she has one - posting in here .............
2018-Jan-03 14:09:28
bum you need a hobby
2018-Jan-01 23:51:30
thanks for the laughs, bb - a great read, both of those trump posts ....................
2018-Jan-01 21:07:21
followed closely by the one about how wonderful Trump and Sessions are .... beachbum 2017-Dec-31 12:35:40

.... both are wonderful storytellers ......
2018-Jan-01 20:59:33
hahahahahahahaha - believe that and you'll believe anything ......

................... one of the funniest conspiracy theories I've ever read ....................

Donald Trump is taking down the pedophiles in a huge way.
10,000 indictments. George Soros, Hilary and Bill Clinton, the Podesta brothers, celebrities.

30 politicians won't be returning to the White House this year.

Heaps more will not do another term.

He is locking them up in Gitmo.

100's of CEOs worldwide have resigned, including the bloke that just "died" in the seaplane crash here.

Chasing them as they try to leave the country.

He has seized their assets.

He arranged the Saudi Princes arrests.

Turnbull and other Aussies will be ******** themselves.

I'm so happy.

Happy New Year.
2017-Dec-29 01:42:23
beachbum, all those links come up ....404
Ooops, page not found
2017-Dec-22 12:39:44
a few people out there fighting the good fight whether one agrees with them or not... https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2017/12/10/jailed-australian-journalist-shane-dowling-released-with-bail-conditions/ .... https://kangaroocourtofaustralia.com/2017/12/
2017-Dec-22 11:07:35
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